Super Cloud android launcher app sections UI and animation design

by | Mar 27, 2017

Android Launcher App Design. “Super Cloud” is a Launcher app and I’ve designed different pages and animations for different parts of it.

In the first GIF animation you can see the app suggestion system called “App Radar” which I’ve designed to look like a radar system so the user gets the mental image of what apps are being used by other people, possibly living nearby.

The second image demonstrates another module of the app called “App Cloud”. The idea is that when the user taps the icon a rain washes the current app icons on the screen and the drips bring suggested apps to install on the screen.

The third image is a homepage widget. I have made this widget in the form of a drop and drip animation which switches between app suggestions to install.

Since the name of the launcher was “Super Cloud” I have visualized the whole design to be related to clouds, water and rain wherever possible

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