Heycar Booth Design, VR/AR Proposal & Promotional Gadgets Design

by | Feb 9, 2020

The core idea revolves around utilizing the cutting edge VR technology and mixing it with holographic imagery, to provide users with the experience of the interior of different types of cars and maybe even experience driving them to some extent.

Of course, no fair is complete without the promotional gifts and giveaways. The most important of them all is a set of cardboard smartphone-enabled VR kit paired with the exclusive “hey, VR” app, where the users can have a 360° experience of different cars.

Most people don’t have the opportunity or the luxury of experiencing and driving different car types, e.g. SUVs or cabriolets. With this VR experience they will have the chance to get a glance of what it would feel to own specific cars. This smartphone VR kit gift in combination with the “hey, VR” app, not only is a really useful and valuable promotional gift, but also will continue to actively be functional and in direct usage with heycar. This will also ensure a continuous communication with the people you reach at fairs. This VR experience will also give heycar a long and effective edge against its competitors.

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